Brandon Khoo

Independent, Sessionist, Clinician, Educator.

Brandon is a Progressive Metal/Metal/Rock/Pop drummer who plays for the Hard Rock band THE UNXPECTED in Singapore. He played for the Extreme Metal band WAR ENSEMBLE, and was the drummer for the now defunct Progressive Metal band APHELION. Brandon is a proud endorser of MAPEX DRUMS.

He has experience playing in the club circuit, as well as sessioning and recording for a number of notable bands and international artistes such as KIKO LOUREIRO from the Brazilian Progressive Metal band ANGRA, JAYCEE CHAN 房祖名, WAKIN CHAU (Zhou Huajian), WU JIAHUI, JAYCEE CHAN, RICHIE JEN (Ren Xianqi), LEE SHENG JIE, LEON LAI, SHIRLYN TAN, WENDI KOH, MELT9SNOW, HEAVEN & EARTH, and one of America’s top blues guitarists, EUGENE HIDEAWAY BRIDGES, just to name a few.

In the summer of 2008, Brandon had a chance to learn from his fellow MAPEX drums endorser DOM FAMULARO. From that valuable experience, Brandon took with him important lessons that have been useful to his drumming career, both as a performer and an educator.

In the autumn of 2008, Brandon was featured in Singapore Drum Festival 2008, where he performed on the same stage as VIRGIL DONATI (Planet X, Steve Vai, Southern Sons), JOHNNY RABB, TEDDY CAMPBELL (American Idol Band), Mr Q (Jay Chou) and NATE MORTON (Rockstar band).