Joshua Tan

With 15 years of performing experience under his belt, Joshua Tan has a wealth of knowledge in music beyond his 34 years. Classically trained in the piano (Grade 8 ABRSM), the mostly self taught guitarist and vocalist got his first taste of performing “live” in Boat Quay, and there was no looking back since.

Coming from a family of musicians (his father is a choir master, and his brother is a full-time musician), Joshua’s natural flair for performing music quickly saw him progress onto bigger and better venues and gigs.

For leisure, Joshua writes songs, and has sold his original compositions to popular Asian recording artistes. When an opportunity came up 3 years ago to teach music to youths, Joshua slipped into his new role with ease. Now, Joshua’s focus is on nurturing the musical talents of tomorrow, teaching the guitar, piano, and drums to eager young minds. Also performing in a club as a nightly musician.

Teaching and performing experiences:

- Teaching since 2001 with private students

- Joint the malay orchestra as a lead guitar player in 2002

- Did a charity show for suria channel in tcs in 2002 (malay orchestra)

- Recorded 2 guitar tracks for NDP 2002 under Iskanda Ismail

- Did wedding gigs and private functions solo as a guitarman under (eventlink) 2003

- Joined Playhouse music school in 2004 to teach mainly pop/ rock guitar

- Did a performance for radio station UFM100.3 in a pub called Barcelona in 2004

- Performed for Action Theatre for a show called “ Admiral’s Odyssey “ under Iskanda Ismail. (2004)

- Joint Prelude Music Studio in 2005 (Novena Sq under Kent Ridge Tutors), taught mainly pop/rock/electric guitar to the students there

- Went to SIM university to conduct guitar classes to the guitar club for the beginners. (2005)

- Coached the band in ACSI to play for their school’s orientation. It was a rock band which included instruments like the piano, guitar, bass and drums (2005)

- Played for Annugerah 05 for suria channel during the final show.

- Recorded in “Pavane” studios in Holland Village for a suria theme song under the direction of Iskanda Ismail

- Esplanade performance for DJ Dave’ anniversary concert (2006)

- Performed Dick Lee’s musical “Man Of Letters” with the SRT under the guidance of Iskanda Ismail in May 06

- Recording for Nancy Sit’s Album song (06)

- Singapore Idol (06)

- Hype Up (Oct 06)

- Little shop of horrors (Nov 06)

- Jack and the beansprout ( Dec 06)

- Singapore Day 2007 (New York)

- Broadway Beng (2007)

- Centurion DnD with Maria and Elisa (2007)

- Dim Sum Dollies (2008) History of Singapore

- S-Pop hurray concert (Mar 08)

- Crazy Christmas (Dec 09)

- JJ Lin backup’e singer ( Mar 09)

- Sing Dollar ( 09)

- Victor Victoria (09)

- Broadway Beng (09)

- Child Aid (09)

- Crazy Christmas 2010

- Lounge performance in the casino at RWS

- 8 Overseas Chinese pop concerts 2010

- Lunar Band 2011 playing at Lunar in Clarke Quay

- Puzzle Band 2011 playing at BAR 98

- Kit Chan Concert in MBS ( Sept 2011 )

- Aladdin ( Dec 2011 )

- Hansel And Gretel Dec 2012

- Francis Yip concert 2013

- Broadway Beng 2013

- Jack and the Beansprout 2013